Event Packages

The Hammered Copper - Mobile Bartending takes pride in crafting a memorable and stress-free experience for you and your guests. We bartend all types of events. From weddings to product launches, Charity events to small backyard BBQs. Please take a look at the packages we offer below.

Just the Bartender


  • One Licensed and Insured Bartender**

  • Bar tools: all bar tools to make cocktails and mixed drinks

*Minimum 2 hours of service

**Recommended: 1 bartender to every 50 guest

Starting at $85/hr

The Extras
  • Champagne toast

  • Event Staffing

  • Coffee Bar

  • Mocktails (non-alcoholic drinks)

  • Dirty Soda Bar

  • Fruit-infused water in a glass dispenser

Copper Package


• Biodegradable drinkware, beverage napkins, Agave straws

• All bar tools, a physical bar set-up, and extra-large coolers

• Self serve water dispenser and non-alcoholic drinks:
      o    Coke products 
      o    Non-alcoholic "mocktails" 
      o    Housemade lemonade

•  Setup and break-down time (One and a half hours pre and post-event) - These are not counted in your service hours

•  Composting and recycling service with post-event clean-up

•  Two licensed and insured bartenders

•  Liquor Liability Insurance

•  Complete and stress-free management of bar services with purchasing assistance.​

  • Starting at:

    • $15/guest without alcohol

    • $22/guest with alcohol

Corporate Events

We offer corporate pricing. Email us today for more information.

Polished Package


• A Pre-Event Cocktail Tasting for up to 6 guests

• Champagne toast for up to 70 guests

• Biodegradable drinkware, napkins, and Agave straws

• All bar tools, Physical bar, and extra-large coolers

• Self serve water dispenser and non-alcoholic drinks:     

      o    Coke products      

      o    Non-alcoholic "mocktails"      

      o    Housemade lemonade

• Setup and break-down time (Two hours pre and post-event) - These are not counted in your service hours

Composting and recycling service with post-event clean-up

• Two licensed and insured bartenders

Complete and stress-free management of bar services with purchasing assistance.

• Liquor Liability Insurance

  • Starting at:

    • $18/guest without alcohol

    • $29/guest with alcohol

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Specialty Cocktail" mean?

When you choose either our "Copper" or "Polished" Packages, your bar will have specialty cocktails. Our skilled bartenders and mixologist will craft recipes designed with your event in mind.

How much advance notice does The Hammered Copper need to prepare for an event?

We have a busy schedule and we want to make sure that we can deliver our best to every client. We ask for at least a 2-week notice events.

Do you supply the liquor or do I?

The Copper Package, The Polished Package, and The Full-Bar Package can be quoted to provide liquor at the request of the client. We purchase (On the client’s behalf) mid-range brands. We are not selling liquor, as we legally cannot with Utah Liquor Guidelines. Everything purchased on the client’s behalf is subsequently turned over to the client at the end of the night. You keep everything that is purchased. However, if you decide that you would like to provide your own liquor that is perfectly fine. We do require that anything that is intending to be served at your event is turned over to the bar to be properly and legally poured. If you decide to provide your own drinks, please let us know we will update the quote to reflect this.

Do I need to provide cups?

Yes, we do. We offer glassware as well as biodegradeable drinkware. We offer post-event recyclable services where we gather as much glass, biodegradeable cups and paper products that we can making clean-up easier and reducing overall waste.

I want lime and lemon wedges at my event. Do I need to purchase my own fruit?

All garnishments are included in the cost of the package you choose.

Are cocktail tastings available?

Yes, we do. We offer Pre-event Cocktail Tastings where we come to your home and make 4 sample cocktails for you and up to 5 guests. This is a great way to make sure that you like the cocktails that will be being served to your guests. Our cocktail tastings are $175. If you have booked our Polished Package, you will receive a complimentary pre-event cocktail tasting. Please email us at info@thehammeredcopper.com if you are interested in scheduling one.

Where can The Hammered Copper operate?

We are able to bartend at most locations; private and public. However, some restrictions may apply.

Some of our guests are not drinkers. Do you offer non-alcoholic options?

Yes, we do. We understand that options are key to any great bar! Our Copper, Polished and Full service Packages offer sodas, mocktail variations of the cocktails being served and self-serve homemade lemonade. We can also offer fruit and herb infused waters as well.

Does my event have to have a tip jar?

No, it does not. During the final stages of the reservation process, we offer two tiping options: 1. Bartender Gratuity - Partial This is a 10% gratutity that is given directly to the bartenders. However, if this option is chosen we do require a tip jar and venmo sign be made available to guests. 2. Bartender Gratutity - Full This is a 21% gratuity that is given directly to the bartenders. When this option is chosen, you made decide to for go the tip jar and venmo sign. Our bartenders are very talented and provide excellent service. We want to make sure that they are taken care of.

What if I need longer than the time I have booked?

No worries! We’ve planned for this. Based on the size of your party we determine an hourly fee that we will charge. Our bartenders are able to stay as late as 1 AM.

Are you insured? Are you licensed?

We sure are! We have Liquor Liability Insurance to bartend on both private and public properties. All our bartenders and mixologists are liquor licensed by the State of Utah and in compliance with SIPS and TIPS. If you venue is in need of a copy of insurance, please send them to Alexij@thehammeredcopper.com

I'm a venue owner. Will The Hammered Copper leave the area a mess after they are done?

Absolutely not! Our event bartending packages are all-inclusive. This does include post-event clean-up. We will leave it better than we found it.

We don't have a bar can you supply one?

We sure can! We have several physical bar rental options available.

Do you travel?

Yes! We pride ourselves on being one of the few mobile bartending services that caters to the entire state.

I want a cash bar at my event, can you do that?

This question is kind of tricky. If your event is un-premitted (meaning it is a private event ie. weddings) No, we cannot. Most of our clients who want a cash bar do so because they are concerned about over-serving and buying too much for their event. Our priority is for you and your guests to have the best time, our job is to make sure it is done responsibly. If you are hosting an event when the public is invited, you must acquire a Small Event Permit. Once that is completed we are able to host a cash bar.

Do you serve shots?

We get asked this a lot. Most event spaces in Utah are concerned about event getting out of control or over serving. This mean many of them will not allow the bartender to serve shots on the premise. Most of the time we do not serve shots. However, we make special exceptions when the client is able to get the venue manager/owner to allow it in writing.


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